New Nonprofit to Provide No-Cost Lawn Services to Low-Income Seniors


CHESAPEAKE, VA – An elderly Virginia Beach woman feared that the giant maple tree
in her back yard would fall and destroy her Virginia Beach home, so she called Emanuel
Yancey for help.

Yancey, who knew the widowed woman could not afford to hire a professional arbor
service, removed the rotted tree at no cost to her.

The 45-year-old Chesapeake man frequently helps retired people on a fixed income with
their landscaping needs without charge in his spare time.

“It’s strictly for the elderly,” says Yancey, who works full-time as a financial educator but
has a heart for seniors. He gained a passion for gardening in his youth while working
alongside his great-grandmother, Sally, in her flowerbeds.

As word of Yancey’s altruism began to spread, there were soon more lawns than he could
tend to. As a result, Yancey is creating a non-profit foundation to help meet the need.

Emanuel’s Hope Foundation has a two-fold mission: to impact communities through the
provision of no-cost landscaping and minor external repairs for senior citizens, by
providing gainful employment and mentorship to those who have had difficulty securing a
job. In addition to learning how to cut grass, edge lawns, trim shrubs and remove debris,
they’ll get some mentoring in personal finance.

Money raised for the foundation would be used to hire and train the young laborers,
employ their supervisors/mentors, and provide the trucks and landscaping equipment
needed to get the jobs done.

Emanuel’s Hope would not be competing with existing, for-profit landscaping companies,
as his client base will be those who are unable to pay. Their weedy yards, overgrown grass
and bushes may have resulted in warnings from city inspectors, costly fines and public
embarrassment. “Our goal is to be a bridge between the elderly and troubled youth,”
Yancey said. “It’s important to reduce crime in the community, a way to do that is by
giving people jobs.”

Yancey, who has fond memories of his grandparents and great-grandparents, said
a lot of senior citizens want to remain in their homes but have difficulty maintaining their
property. “Their latter years should be the happiest period of time for them; a time to be
honored and cherished,” he says, “But too often they’re cast aside. It’s time for something
to be done about it.”

Yancey is in the process of obtaining federal 501c3 status for Emanuel’s Hope Foundation.
He has launched his website, and a fundraiser is set for
November 15, 2019, to welcome the foundation to the community. It will be held at the
Susan’s Kitchenette 1270 Diamond Springs Rd #109, Virginia Beach, VA 23455. The cost

of tickets is $45, and can be purchased on Eventbrite
( Included will be dinner, drinks and musical
selections by Maurice Yancey & One Accord, David Yancey of DLY2 Music, and Greg
Gutty. Fundraising will be held by silent auction.

For more information or to learn about sponsorship, donor, and volunteer opportunities
with Emanuel’s Hope Foundation, call (757) 488-1645, visit or


Emanuel Yancey